'Elegance' decorate to any desk of Vanity

These Lyrical Sculptures have a great presence on a Table Top and makes a special addition to any part of the House. 

An unique and rich solid Bronze Sculpture of an Elephant. Finished with a rich burnished bronze patina. A touch of sophistication for your Desk. 

A nice Vintage object the 'Mobach' shape Pot. 'Mobach' is the grand Family of Dutch Ceramics. Mid-Century Dutch Ceramics. The colors of this Ceramic Vintage object are deep brown with a finish of umber and brass. It's signed: Mobach 181.

The Glass Sculpture in Colors of Blue is finished with Brass elements. The Organic Form, the structure of a work that has grown naturally, makes this object elegant and unique. 

„Decorate to any Desk of Vanity“

A Special Addition to any part of the House
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