Atelier House - 'Mi Casa' Portugal

An Atelier House of inspiration, contemplation, and tranquility next to nature, placed on an mountain in an old town in the South West coast of Portugal.
The main environment of this house is intended for the plastic artist 'Chantal van Leeuwen' to paint their canvases & old door panels and receive their guests.

The interior is a combination of vintage Portuguese-style and Moorish influences that have a history in this old village.
Developed over centuries from a vast range of influences, Moorish design is surprisingly versatile, offering myriad opportunities to craft an unique contemporary interior.

This Atelier-house is classified into a living and atelier space owned by Dutch Artist & Interior Decorator Chantal van Leeuwen.

DEF DSC 4776 2       DEF DSC 5587    

IMG 7116 1       DEF Door of Comporta Door Deur Schilderij

Soft layered terra coloured walls, combined with the Antique Door Panels of Portraits in Moorish style exudes character and originality.
The collection of Antique Door Panels are painted by Chantal. 

„the Antique Door Panels of Portraits in Moorish style exudes character and originality“


"The rugged coast and the colours of the mountains in the South West coast of Portugal inspire me.
I started collecting pieces of stone to create colour combinations for the design of the Atelier-house. Warm earth, ochre and salmon tones to deep red rock became challenging colour combinations. This is how the production of pigments and the mixing of her own paint for the paintings arose. Chantal now processes the fine rock on her canvases by mixing the pigments with oils and acrylic paint and a finish of fine gold leaf. 

DEF Living Atelier Chantal Portugal Aljezur 2

DEF Living Atelier kast


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