'To Bind, To Cover or Divine'

I have had the pleasure of working with some wonderful Artists. Textile Artist Marianne Kemp weaves with a feel, she specialized in weaving Art made of Horsehair.

Taking a closer look at her work.

Each Piece has an unique Character granted by her unconventional weaving techniques and the combination of texture, color and movement. Objects of Wall Art and Lamps made of Horsehair.

Description Art Work 'KIMONO'
Horsehair, Waxed Cotton, Wool Stainless Steel.
The Kimono was part of the Exhibition "Wild Things" in Kortrijk (Belgium), Curated by Lidewij Edelkoort and Philip Fimanno.
'Kimono' art work, Private Collection Den Haag

Dimensions Art Work 'Kimono':

H 140 cm / 55.12"
W 110 cm / 43.31."

Prices of Art Works and Exclusive Fabrics with Horsehair on Request.
Contact me for more information about Art Works or Exclusive Fabrics.

„Exclusive Fabric Designs made of Horsehair“

Handmade weaving Art Work

MarianneKemp Kimono 700
Photography Kimono: Eddie Wenting
Mkemp greenvioletear side
IMG 1267
IMG 1268
IMG 1264
IMG 1260
IMG 1270
IMG 1262



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